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Breast Thermography Videos

Breast Thermography

Dr Piana, founder and president of The Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology and Breast Thermography International describes what thermography is and its benefits. 




Watch Jacky Groenewegen & Aubrey Lesicki Live as they dicuss the upcoming 5 week class to educate us all about Whole Body Breast Health.

In this brief, how-to video, Aubrey Lesicki, BS, LMT, teaches how to do a quality breast self-exam and how women can monitor their breast health. Aubrey Lesicki BS, LMT from



Amazing breast health protocol that has remarkable ability to move toxins/abnormal cells out of breast lymphatic system.



Breast Thermography – Dr. Mercola
Dr. Mercola discusses the benefits and strengths of Thermography for the breast and other parts of the body. This technology is incredible – every woman should have a breast thermogram every year and then if there is a problem look for the causes of the changes




In this brief, how-to video, Aubrey Lesicki, BS, LMT, teaches the PHAST technique of breast self-massage. The PHAST breast self-massage technique gives you a quick, simple way to manage your breast care, improving breast circulation as well as the quality of the tissue texture. For more information, check out the Breast Practices newsletter at

Thermography and Functional Medicine make sense for predictive breast health.



Breast Health & Thermography with Mindful Wellness and Dr. David Boynton.



NEJM on mammography

A brief description of the findings of the November 22, 2012 New England Journal of Medicine article “Effect of Three Decades of Screening Mammography on Breast Cancer Incidence”.


Thermography and Breast Surgery

Dr. Horner debates a radiologist on the value of mammography compared to other imaging techniques on “A Healthy You and Carol Alt” National FOX News


In part 2 of this 3-part video series we review breast imaging options such as ultrasound, thermogram and mammogram for detecting breast cancer. Aubrey Lesicki, BS LMT from



The Little Known Truth About Mammograms




Thermography and Skin Cancer
Drs. Piana and Sepper offer a brief overview on the promises of skin cancer and thermography. 2 case studies are briefly offered along with a published research article. Full article available at

Lymphatic Body Brushing Videos

Exclusive Mindful Wellness videos “How To” video’s about Dry Skin Body Brushing.

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