Thermography Research

We’re please to provide you with very informative research supporting the benefits of Medical Thermography.  Click on the topic of interest located below.

Acupuncture Thermography Achilles Tendonitis – Case Study

AMA Council Report – Thermography in Neurological and Musculoskeletal Conditions

American American Cancer Society, in a Shift, Recommends Fewer Mammograms

Breast cancer death rates in Canada didn’t improve with mammograms

Breast Cancer Deodorant Case Study

Challenges with The Cold Stress Challenge for Breast Thermograpy

Clinical No Touch Breast Scan

Cornell Study The American Society of Breast Surgeons: Effectiveness of a noninvasive digital infrared thermal imaging system in the detection of breast cancer

Contemporary Evaluation of Thermal Breast Screening

Curriculum Vitae – William B. Hobbins, M.D.

Effect of Three Decades of Screening – Mammography on Breast Cancer Incidence NEJM

Evaluation of digital infra-red thermal imaging as an adjunctive screening method for breast carcinoma: a pilot study

Ionizing Radiation and Breast Cancer Risk (January 2005)

Mammograms do not reduce breast cancer deaths, study finds

Overdiagnosis in publicly organized mammography screening programmes: systematic review of incidence trends

Pact Research Study – Breast and Genitalia

Pact Research Study – Skin Cancer

Promotion of variant human mammary epithelial cell outgrowth by ionizing radiation: an agent-based model supported by in vitro studies 

Study raises awareness of risks of mammograms

The Biomechanical Engineering Handbook- Chapter 25, Infrared Imaging of the Breast

TH Ratings in Breast Thermography, Why We Don’t Use Them

Twenty five year follow-up for breast cancer incidence and mortality of the Canadian National Breast Screening Study: randomised screening trial

Understanding Thermography – Drift Factor



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