Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from a doctor to get an appointments? No. You may book an appointment directly with one of our centers. How longs does a scan take to perform? The scan takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Please plan on being at our center for 45 – 60 minutes to allow time to ask questions, complete paperwork and prepare for the scan. How long does it take to get the results? We pride ourselves with prompt turnaround. In most cases, our Board Certified Thermographers will have the results back to your center in 1 week or less. Who completes or interprets the results? All reports are reviewed by Dr. Alexander Sepper, MD, Ph.D  Our reports involve a three step interpretation process.  Your reports will be viewed by doctors appropriate to handle your type of findings.  Our senior interpreter will review all other doctors comments and impressions.  For more information click here.  What if I have questions or concerns about my thermography scan or booking my consult? If you have questions or concerns about your thermography scan, booking a consult or if you have a follow-up question for the doctor that did your consult, please e-mail If you have a question for a specific doctor, please be sure to include his/her name in your inquiry, so it can be directed appropriately. Is Thermography covered by insurance? Not at this time. Keep in mind, cutting edge technology is not covered in most fields of medicine. Our centers charge a nominal fee for this technology despite the high cost of the equipment and the cost of running a center. How much does a Breast Thermogram cost? Our centers charge based on regional factors. Typically, the range is $199-299 initially inclusive for the images, interpretation and report. Most women agree this is a small price to pay for EARLY breast cancer detection. Full body testing is available, as is female and male Head and Torso scans. What do I do if a Thermogram is positive? The first thing to do is relax and don’t get overly anxious! Vascular changes MAY be seen in non-cancerous or PRE cancerous conditions. Follow the recommendations of our Board Certified Thermographers along with advice of your own doctor. Take the results seriously. Consider changing your lifestyle and diet as you MAY be seeing early signs of developing cancer that MAY be reversed if these changes are implemented. Thermography is a great test to monitor health over a period of time. Should I get a full body scan? Most patients feel that since they are already coming in for the test that they may as well have a full body scan. The information from the test is very valuable in assessing your health and monitoring changes in your lifestyle. What do I do if my Doctor discredits the results? Please help educate your doctor. Even the best doctors think inside their guidelines and frequently reject new ideas and technology. Chances are they are misinformed, or not informed at all. Share the Cornell Study with them that you can download from this site. Use your own judgement based on knowledge to direct your health care. How often will I need a thermogram? Your initial scan will dictate what follow-up is necessary. With no suspicious findings, most follow-up recommendations will be 12 months. Scans that warrant monitoring typically will be 3-6 months. If you are using thermography to monitor your overall health then it is a good idea to be tested every 12 weeks until your health is stable. Annual wellness checks are recommended. Are there many false positives with thermal imaging? The purpose of the thermographic evaluation is to show areas of hot and cold in the body. Thermographic imaging is greater than 99% accurate for this purpose. Therefore we can say there are no false positives with thermal imaging. Heat can be present due to many factors. What is PACT (Professional Academy of Clinical Thermography)? Click here to learn more about the PACT standards. 

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